Hansard Publishing Union, Ltd., £10 Pref. shares, 1859, Bottomley connection



Hansard Publishing Union, Ltd., £10 Preference shares, 18[59], Capital £375,000, signed by C Kegan Paul as Director, decorative panel at left, embossed seal of Bellerophon on Pegasus, black on pale green, light folds, fine.   Luke Hansard was the British Government’s printer during the 18th and 19th centuries, followed by his 3 sons. Thomas Curson Hansard left the family business and set up on his own with a contract to print ‘Debates’, the first structured attempt to record parliamentary proceedings . The publication was much respected and became known as Hansard in 1829. In 1889, the copyright of the publication was sold to the Hansard Publishing Union Ltd which was under the control of Horatio Bottomley, a notorious fraudster. The company failed and other printers had to be found. The name was dropped from the publication however it was still referred to as Hansards by its readers. Eventually the name was re-instated in 1943 and continues to appear on the front cover of Westminster’s Official Report today.   C Kegan Paul was a renowned author and publisher, he wrote a translation of ‘Faust’, and produced a number of literary works.   This image is from our archive; you may receive a different serial number but the condition will be the same.

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