About Us

M. Veissid & Co. was formed in 1976 in London with offices in Grand Buildings on Trafalgar Square and have been prominent in Coins, Paper Money and especially Bonds & Shares since that time. The company relocated to Shropshire in the 1980’s to work from home. Many will have heard of our shop COLLECTORS GALLERY which was opened in 1990 but was closed in 2007 when the business changed to be mostly online. We now work from offices just outside Shrewsbury (Callers strictly by appointment please).

Our staff consists of Mike Veissid who spends the money, Lu Veissid who makes sure the bills are paid and that Mike doesn’t spend too much, David Yapp who processes all the Banknotes and Hannah Drummond who looks after our website and Ebay shop.

Mike is also a consultant for Spink in London, organising regular e-auctions of Bonds & Shares, both in London and New York.

We also own and run both the London Coin Fair and the Midland Coin Fair, details of which can be found at www.coinfairs.co.uk