Grand Junction Water Works Co., Perpetual 4% Debenture stock, 1903



Grand Junction Water Works Co., Perpetual 4% Debenture stock, 18[903], very decorative certificate with attractive border and scrollwork panel at left, embossed seal depicting Ariadne with Greek enscription beneath, red, light folds, very fine.   The company was created in 1811. In 1838 a new pumping station was built near Kew Bridge, now the Kew Bridge Steam Museum. The water was taken from the middle of the river and pumped into filtering reservoirs. Poor water was of great concern in the 1850s and Charles Dickens visited the pumping station and published an article entitled “The Troubled Water Question”. An investigation revealed that water from The Grand Junction Waterworks was free of the Cholera which was troubling the area at that time. As a result, The Metropolis Water Act of 1852 was passed; no water was to be taken from tidal reaches of the river and all had to be filtered. Grand Junction was one of 3 companies which constructed new waterworks further up river at Hampton. The water was taken from an island which became known as Grand Junction Isle.   This image is from our archive; you may receive a different serial number but the condition will be the same.

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