Gamages (West End) Ltd., £1 ord. shares, 1929, dept store, sold to Selfridges



Gamages (West End) Ltd., £1 Ordinary shares, 19[29], decorative border, embossed seal, brown on cream paper, light folds, very fine.   The company was registered in September 1926 to open a new store in Oxford Street. Gamages was already an extremely successful store in Holborn Circus, beginning in 1878 as a rented watch repair shop and becoming an extremely popular department store and mail order business. The plans for the new building had not been approved by the London County Council and new plans had to be prepared. The resulting delay and increase in building costs left the business short of capital and it was dissolved in 1931. The stock was sold to to Messrs Selfridges.   This image is from our archive; you may receive a different serial number but the condition will be the same.  

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